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Our services are related to improving your brand value be it in any form:

Events & Promotions
As on ground marketing and promotions have gained strength during the recent years, we provide to you specialized event management and brand promotion services to help you market your brand better.
Starting form the conceptualizing, management and production of live events and promotions, complete 360 degree solutions are offered.
With a competent team of dedicated and expert professionals at the helm, all the events and promotions related activities are visualized, planned, budgeted, organized and executed leaving no stone unturned.
From corporate, seminars /conferences to fashion shows, musical concerts, theme nights, launches etc, White Shark Entertainment is your one-stop- shop for creating an impression with a bang!
Some the products offered in this section are:
Award Nights
Product Launches
Concept nights and theme parties
Road Shows
On ground marketing and promotions
Music concerts
Conference, training programs, meetings and seminars
Services which can be availed in this section are:
Artist and celebrity management
Press and Publicity
Sound and Light Management
Pre event marketing communication
Venue Management
Design and Fabrication
Concept Development
Govt. regulations and permissions
Security management
Exhibitions and Set Design
From trade fairs to other product specific expos, our proficiency in creating inventive & high – tech stalls has been gauged by a wide range of well – known corporate houses.
We believe, exhibitions are the biggest platform for interaction between the consumers and manufacturers, therefore, it is nothing but the best that would do for us when it comes to our clients.
Adding glamour, elegance, drama or giving a smart Spartan look to your sets, leading through exhibitions we have also ventured into set design, with our experience and smart hands at work we can guarantee you would expect nothing less than state-of-the-art magical creations.
Our services in this section include the following
Exhibition and set layout design
Fabrication and installation
Security management
Manpower for booth reception
Nothing holds more significance than brand display when it comes to marketing a brand and retail being the face of how a brand is displayed needs expert hands.
To our esteemed clientele, we provide a professional and reliable service for the provision of brand display at any retail outlet or center
From retail merchandising to exclusive products for conferences and exhibitions, we aim to provide the best products and designs whilst maximizing and meeting your budget.
Our Retail services include the following:
Layout design for displays
Retail branding
From the initial story idea to developing a dramatic structure , creating path breaking scripts , shooting , editing and presentation , the world of filmmaking at White Shark Entertainment , is full of innovation, revolutionary treatment and high-tech range of latest techniques and technology.
Being the latest addition in our kitty of product and services, quality in film making is what we adhere to whilst handling this section.
Services include
Story board and scripting
Shoot production
After Effects
Coordination of Manpower for shoots
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